Fenugreek Powder, Organic

Fenugreek Powder, Organic

3 oz. Fenugreek seeds are actually a small legume (bean). They have a unique flavor and is used widely in Indian and the Middle Eastern cuisines. Fenugreek is an annual herb native to the Mediterranean region, Ukraine, India, and China.

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This spice is primarily associated with Indian cuisine and is an essential ingredient in curry powders. Ground fenugreek has a dull, yellow color and powdery texture. Ground fenugreek is used as a quality flavor for meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Used as an appetizing spice in cooking because of its unique taste and smell.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek Powder - Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine recommend fenugreek to treat arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, improve digestion, maintain a healthy metabolism, cure skin problems (wounds, rashes and boils), treat sore throat, and cure acid reflux.

Fenugreek also has a long history of use for the treatment of reproductive disorders, to induce labor, to treat hormonal disorders. Recent studies have shown that Fenugreek helps lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and may be an effective treatment for both types of diabeties. Fenugreek seeds contain protein, vitamin C, niacin, and potassium.