Bloody Mary Spice Master Collection

Bloody Mary Spice Master Collection

When two stars collaborate, great things are going to happen. La Boîte’s Lior Lev Sercarz and star mixologist Jim Meehan have invented four great blends that will make perfect and original Bloody Marys in a snap. Contains one spice blend each of Contains one spice blend each of B-Mary, B-Maria, B-Marion, and B-Marlene.

Selected as one of Latina Magazine's 10 Sexiest Tequila Gifts. Cheers!

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Created by Spice Master Lior with star Mixologist Jim Meehan, this perfect balance of spices makes an extraordinary cocktail in a snap.

With a justifiable reputation as a thinker, perfectionist, savvy businessman, and a mean pen to boot, Jim Meehan’s made his mark on the cocktail renaissance. But he didn’t start out with a proverbial silver stirring spoon in his mouth. Long Island Iced Teas and Alabama Slammers were the name of the game when Meehan began his bartending career in 1995 as a student at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Read More »

B-Mary Spice Blend – for a vodka Bloody Mary
Vodka provides a blank canvas that allows this unique blend of smoked paprika, celery seeds and spices to stand out.
Ingredients include: pimentón, celery seeds, pepper, salt, spices

B-Maria Spice Blend – for a tequila Bloody Mary
Green chilies, cilantro and chipotle bring the essential flavors of Mexico to this distinguished blend.
Ingredients include: green chilies, cilantro, chipotle, salt, spices

B-Marlene Spice Blend – for a gin Bloody Mary
This perfect balance of spices adds maturity and complexity to your traditional Bloody Mary with a sophisticated blend of sweet and savory.
Ingredients include: juniper, coriander, cardamom, salt, spices

B-Marion Spice Blend – for an aquavit Bloody Mary
Caraway, anise and orange create a wonderful Scandinavian flavor with notes of citrus.
Ingredients include: caraway, anise, orange, salt, spices