Vietnamese Summer Rolls Kit

Vietnamese Summer Rolls Kit

1.17 oz. Perfect for creating authentic Vietnamese Summer Rolls.

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Perfect for creating authentic VietnameseSummer Rolls.

Lemon Grass is used for flavorings. Best known for flavoring use in Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. Tea used to treat digestive problems and fever. Anti-inflammatory.

Star Anise is a spice commonly used in Chinese, Indian, South Asian, and Indonesian cooking. It has a flavour much like anise, and has also been compared to fennel and liquorice. Include them whole to flavor rice dishes or meats, or ground them fresh at home. It is an integral part of the classic Chinese five spice mix

Included is: 1x 0.17oz of Organic Lemon Grass, 1x 1oz of Whole Star Anise.

Learn how to make Mama Lien's Goi Cuon aka Summer Rolls here.