CocktailPro Molecular Gastronomy Cocktail Set

CocktailPro Molecular Gastronomy Cocktail Set

3.5 lbs. Shaken or Stirred? That's a thing of the past!

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Shaken or Stirred? That's a thing of the past!

Now you can make the extravagant molecular cocktails which are being served in swanky bars around the world in your own home! Exciting creations with a surprising effect on the senses.  Cocktails are made using the new techniques of molecular gastronomy which give them a different consistency, clearer aromas and a totally new appearance. For the modern palate, make a champagne lava lamp or a Bacardi Raz glow in the dark!

Astonish your guests at your next cocktail gathering. Our spectacular kit includes a recipe book with 50 recipes and all techniques and know-how you’ll need to make them. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Whether it's for yourself or a gift for a friend, this all-inclusive kit will change the game for the cocktails you make.

The kit comes beautifully packaged in a modern box and will look great in your home.

CocktailPro set includes:
Molecular cocktail book with 50 cocktail recipes from professionals for beginners and advanced mixologists; Agazoon, 55g; Algizoon, 60g; Calazoon, 75g; Celluzoon, 45g; Xanthazoon, 65g; Illuzoon, 4g; Locuzoon, 5g; Drop Spoon; Measuring Jug; Pipette.