The Ingredient Finder provides gourmet ingredients for home chefs. We search the globe, the United States to Spain, Greece, France, Italy, Morocco, Austria, Middle East, Mexico, Thailand, India, and everything in between, to find you the best hard to find ingredients and flavors to stock your pantry.

From artisanal olive oil and vinegar, to unique spices, sea salt and herbs, we are your source for ingredients online. We personally taste test every ingredient featured, and provide you with recipes from professional chefs who teach you how to use them.

Here’s a secret: some of the world’s most amazing recipes – signature dishes from Europe, Asia and Latin America — are actually easy to make if you have the authentic ingredients.

Finding those ingredients for you is our mission and our pleasure.

We started out as a group of good home cooks who were frustrated by not finding the ingredients for exciting recipes and exotic cuisines in our local grocery stores.

So we began searching the world for hard-to-find ingredients.
Authentic flavors that turn everyday cooking into sensational meals.
Quality products from some of the world’s best resources.
(Hint: many of them sell to the finest restaurants.)

And now we are sharing our discoveries with you.