• Roast Turkey Mousa Style

    Thanksgiving is a special time of year, and the pressure is on the cook to make a memorable feast for family and friends. Try this simple and winning recipe featuring expertly crafted Spice and Herb Blends by La Boite a Epices.
  • Risotto with Saffron and Radicchio Trevisano

    Chef Daniele Kucera of Manhattan's Etcetera Etcetera developed this recipe for The Ingredient Finder to complement our newly harvested Moroccan saffron from the Atlas Mountains.
  • Butterflied Chicken Breast With Mish Mish, Onions and Asparagus

    New chef Spencer Schmerzler has created and impressive and easy-to-make dish using some of our best (and favorite) ingredients. Spice Master Lior’s Mish Mish blend and Nahia Fleur de Sel with Espelette Pepper add new dimensions of flavor to a complete dinner in one dish.
  • Kale Jambalaya with Espellete Pepper and Spanish Pimenton

    Here is a twist on an old favorite. Instead of standard Cajun spices, Chef Spencer has fired the Jambalaya up with a Mediterranean flare: Piment d’Espellete AOC from France and a beautifully spicy Pimenton from Spain.
  • Sesame Crusted Salmon

    Our friend Daniele at Etcetera Etcetera, a Italian gem in New York’s Theater District, created this wonderful sesame crusted salmon recipe for us. Enjoy!
  • Mussels in White Wine and Saffron

    I was wondering what to post this week, and his dish takes 10 minutes to cook on top of the stove, and served alongside a green salad and a few bottles of beer, it is the perfect grown up comfort food.
  • Pasta Cooked in White Wine

    Cooking pasta in wine instead of water creates an amazingly aromatic sauce. The flavor of the wine really stands out, so be sure to pick one with pronounced fruity flavor and crisp acidity like Soave or pinot grigio.
  • Beef Rice with Smoked Shoyu

    2013-06-11 - 1 comment
    A recipe based on chef Tanaka Yuichi's, the owner of the one Michelle star restaurant Shun no Aji Ichi in Tokyo. This one has mushrooms, ginger and parsley. The quantity of beef used in this is small, so we hope that you'll use locally available, antibiotic free beef in this preparation.
  • Mediterranean Lamb Chops

    The secret to these delicious lamb chops is the use of Eliunt Holy Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The bitter, grassy taste of this oil adds sophistication and flavor to a simple meat dish.
  • Grilled Lamb Chops with Labane Sauce

    La Boite's Ararat N.35 blend combines Smoked Paprika, Urfa biber and fenugreek leaves add diverse and exciting flavors to this lamp chop recipe.
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