Ingredient Finder New Chef - Spencer Schmerzler

Ingredient Finder New Chef - Spencer SchmerzlerWe are so pleased to launch our New Chefs series, featuring talented culinary students and recent graduates embarking on their professional careers. We'll be introducing them and their inventive recipes to you, using our wonderful authentic ingredients from around the world.

Spencer Schmerzler is an imaginative and energetic new chef, a recent culinary graduate of SUNY Cobleskill, the rare college with both Culinary and Agricultural schools in one campus. Spencer is now working with regional farmers and food producers, using his talents and ingenuity to cultivate new areas and products that are truly farm to table. Since graduating he has worked extensively with an organic herb farm, learning about flavors from the ground up.

Here are some excellent new recipes from Spencer, using our great global ingredients to add unexpected twists and flavors.

  • Day After Thanksgiving Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

    Our colleague Spencer Schmerzler is thinking ahead to the day after Thanksgiving. Now what are we going to do with that excellent left over turkey? Put it to delicious use with his cross-cultural Shepherd's Pie, calling upon Japanese Kelp stock and savory Spanish Pimenton. Enjoy.
  • Spice Muffins for Holiday Mornings

    Here is a make ahead treat as you fire up the burners for the big feast. Simple to make, they offer a tasty twist to traditional fare with our global ingredients: Okinawa's outstanding Kokuto Brown Sugar, so different from the standard stuff, you'll be using it throughout your menu.Vietnamese Cinnamon and a touch of Cubeb Pepper round out the spice palette. Wellington's Organic Ground Ginger adds just the right note. I'll be right over.
  • Butterflied Chicken Breast With Mish Mish, Onions and Asparagus

    New chef Spencer Schmerzler has created and impressive and easy-to-make dish using some of our best (and favorite) ingredients. Spice Master Lior’s Mish Mish blend and Nahia Fleur de Sel with Espelette Pepper add new dimensions of flavor to a complete dinner in one dish.
  • Kale Jambalaya with Espellete Pepper and Spanish Pimenton

    Here is a twist on an old favorite. Instead of standard Cajun spices, Chef Spencer has fired the Jambalaya up with a Mediterranean flare: Piment d’Espellete AOC from France and a beautifully spicy Pimenton from Spain.
  • Wellington’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Bavarian Cream

    This exceptional recipe introduces a novel autumnal note to a show-stopping recipe. Spencer uses Wellington's Organic Pumpkin Pie Spice Blend, containing fine quality organic cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg from Grenada and cloves. This versatile blend makes starring appearances in my pies, soups and stews.