Esther Psarakis

Meet Esther PsarakisFew things are as good as homemade cakes, especially a traditional one made by a master baker. Our friend Esther Psarakis knows her way around a Greek kitchen, making wonderful fresh dishes daily at her shop in New Jersey. Ta Mylelia Water Mill makes small amounts of their exceptional products with age-old methods and love of tradition.

  • Anydros Santorini Tomato Hummus from Taste Of Crete

    This tomato hummus recipe reaches great heights with a secret ingredient: Anydros Tomato Caviar from Santorini. This is so intensely flavored and rich that the producer, a renowned botanist, chose to call it “caviar”
  • Karydopita, Traditional Greek Walnut Cake from Taste of Crete

    This rich and fragrant cake is topped with a syrup built around an exceptional artisan-made Ta Mylelia Honey Dessert with Nut and Raisins that we love. It takes this great recipe straight to Mount Olympus to please even the most finicky of the ancient gods.