Parvaneh Holloway

Parvaneh HollowayParvaneh Holloway, our colleague and friend, has many wonderful memories of her childhood in Abadan, Iran, over 45 years ago. They bring to mind wonderful images her English mother and her Iranian father, cooking aromatic and delectable meals together.

Being fortunate to have lived in Malaysia, North Africa, France, Iran, England and America, she has acquired a broad lexicon of local cooking knowledge and continues to expand her skills. Most importantly, growing up in Iran gave her exposure to ancient culinary traditions and enhanced her dedication to using seasonal, local produce, and to preparing ingredients in such a way as to bring forth the most flavor and nutrition.

  • Ash, a Persian Soup

    This great new recipe “Ash”, which is a Persian Soup, is from our good friend and lovely lady, Parvaneh Holloway. This is a great recipe to use Parvaneh’s Persian Spices Blend recipe.
  • Persian Spices Blend

    We liked it so much, we’ve combined all the ingredients in our Organic Persian Spice Mix Collection for you to try this spice blend at home.
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