Jim Feldman

Jim Feldman
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Jim Feldman is the food sleuth and adventurous home cook who is the creator and director of The Ingredient Finder. Jim has lived, eaten, and explored the world and has an insatiable desire to learn about ingredients and how to use them.

I love searching the globe for wonderful ingredients, tasting and testing to find the best for you. I've eaten and explored the world with an insatiable desire to find the most authentic ingredients and to learn how to use them.

Challenge me! Tell me what you’re looking for, ingredients and recipes that intrigue you.

Stay tuned to see what I can find for you.

Like millions of other home cooks, I love to eat and I love to make interesting food. For a long time, I was frustrated by not being able to find many of the authentic ingredients for fine home cooking at my local supermarket. If exotic ingredients are available, they pale in comparison to the vibrant spices, robust oils, and pure flavors I have found in local markets around the world. Like many busy people these days, I don’t have time to search for these ingredients at obscure ethnic markets or pricey gourmet shops, if they can be found at all.

So I became The Ingredient Finder. My passion is to bring over 10,000 of the best of the world’s ingredients to the millions of home cooks and food enthusiasts who want to be kitchen heroes. I created theingredientfinder.com, to be their primary resource for shopping as well as for information about cooking with the best ingredients the world has to offer.

As the host of theingredientfinder.com, I strive to provide a lively forum for food lovers. A place where home cooks can share ideas, recipes, and food memories with guest chefs like Lior Sercarz, prominent cookbook writers like Francine Segan, author of “Dolci: Italy’s Sweets” and talented amateur cooks. A place to find exciting answers to “What shall I cook tonight?”

Because cooking at home should not be a chore, but a daily voyage of discovery.

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