Jim Feldman

Jim Feldman
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Jim Feldman is the food sleuth and adventurous home cook who is the creator and director of The Ingredient Finder. Jim has lived, eaten, and explored the world and has an insatiable desire to learn about ingredients and how to use them.

I love searching the globe for wonderful ingredients, tasting and testing to find the best for you. I've eaten and explored the world with an insatiable desire to find the most authentic ingredients and to learn how to use them.

Challenge me! Tell me what you’re looking for, ingredients and recipes that intrigue you.

Stay tuned to see what I can find for you.

Like millions of other home cooks, I love to eat and I love to make interesting food. For a long time, I was frustrated by not being able to find many of the authentic ingredients for fine home cooking at my local supermarket. If exotic ingredients are available, they pale in comparison to the vibrant spices, robust oils, and pure flavors I have found in local markets around the world. Like many busy people these days, I don’t have time to search for these ingredients at obscure ethnic markets or pricey gourmet shops, if they can be found at all.

So I became The Ingredient Finder. My passion is to bring over 10,000 of the best of the world’s ingredients to the millions of home cooks and food enthusiasts who want to be kitchen heroes. I created theingredientfinder.com, to be their primary resource for shopping as well as for information about cooking with the best ingredients the world has to offer.

As the host of theingredientfinder.com, I strive to provide a lively forum for food lovers. A place where home cooks can share ideas, recipes, and food memories with guest chefs like Lior Sercarz, prominent cookbook writers like Francine Segan, author of “Dolci: Italy’s Sweets” and talented amateur cooks. A place to find exciting answers to “What shall I cook tonight?”

Because cooking at home should not be a chore, but a daily voyage of discovery.

  • Quick “Pizza” Rolls from Sicily

    Kids – and grownups – love these. Make a lot, they go very fast. You can also make this as a loaf, slice and serve while it is hot.
  • Pumpkin and Butternut Squash, Sicilian Style

    A twist on a classic accompaniment to Thanksgiving dinner that I happened upon recently in Italy. We recommend using Calvi Quadro Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Giusti’s Family Reserve Balsamic Vinegar to make this dish extraordinary.
  • Grandma Flora, Our Inspiration for The Ingredient Finder

    Last summer when August rolled around, I had a couple of weeks to work from home, at the moment when the tomatoes in the newly built raised beds were ripening faster than I could use them...
  • Wake up your Potato Salad!

    Labor Day is just around the corner, and we all know what that means; Potato Salad! Here’s four global ways to wake up your Potato Salad for the holiday. However you like to make it, try these flavors to make your Labor Day Potato Salad a winner.
  • Homemade Basil Pesto

    Moments after we sat down, steaming plates of pasta appeared in front of us. The fragrance knocked me back in my seat. It was my first plate of Pesto, and I have held all others since to the very high standard set that evening.
  • Saffron Marinated Persian Style Lamb Chops

    2011-08-22 - 1 comment
    I use The Ingredient Finder’s wonderfully flavorful Pure Moroccan Saffron, which won’t break the bank. And no reason to spend a lot of money on the lamb. Shoulder or Round Bone Chops will work very well.
  • Tomato Season is Here at Last!

    Tomato Season is here at last! Every year we wait as the tomatoes ripen in the garden, showing up first in local farm stands and markets. But when ours are perfect we want to treat them perfectly.
  • It's Barbecue Time

    August is here, vegetables and fruit are at their peak, and we’re outside enjoying the weather. Everyone is hungry but it is just too hot to do much in the kitchen. So fire up the barbecue and do it outdoors.
  • Delicious Spring Ideas

    At long last Spring is here, and what better way to enjoy the weather than with great meals. What do we think about with Spring in the air?
  • Deviled Eggs alla Nonna Flora, a New Twist on an Old Favorite

    2010-09-17 - 4 comments
    Deviled eggs all Nonna Flora are an easy and delicious appetizer for any gathering. Although the recipe says this is for eight people, it depends who those eight people are. These have a way of disappearing the minute they hit the table.
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