Meet Our Chefs

The Ingredient Finder is privileged to present a group of extraordinarily talented chefs who love our ingredients. Each of them has contributed recipes showing you simple and delicious ways to up your game every time you cook. Explore and enjoy!

  • Ingredient Finder New Chef - Brandi Mastin

    Brandi Mastin grew up in rural upstate New York with a strong connection to local farms and growers. Her passion for baking combined with her appreciation for the hard work that goes into producing food is setting her on a course to grow, bake and sell at her own shop in her hometown of Honeoye. A recent graduate of SUNY Cobleskill’s Culinary School, Brandi has worked with one of our favorite farms, Wellington’s Herbs and Spices where her appreciation for fine ingredients was honed.
  • Ingredient Finder New Chef - Spencer Schmerzler

    Spencer Schmerzler is an imaginative and energetic new chef, a recent culinary graduate of SUNY Cobleskill, the rare college with both Culinary and Agricultural schools in one campus. Spencer is now working with regional farmers and food producers, using his talents and ingenuity to cultivate new areas and products that are truly farm to table. Since graduating he has worked extensively with an organic herb farm, learning about flavors from the ground up.
  • Lior Lev Sercarz

    Traveling and cooking around the world, chef Lior Lev Sercarz is inspired by his passion for spices and the stories they tell. Now you can travel the globe without leaving your kitchen with these magnificent spice blends.
  • Hiroko Shimbo

    Hiroko Shimbo a chef-instructor at respected culinary schools, a consulting chef to diverse food service industries and a cookbook author based in the US since 1999.
  • Daniele Kucera

    Most of Daniele’s fondest memories of childhood involve his grandmother and food. At age six, one of his favorite past times was to sit in the kitchen listening to Beethoven and watch his mother and grandmother work their magic on their old wood-burning stove. Growing up in Trieste and Fiume on the Italian-Croatian border, Daniele had the opportunity to experience a wealth of cultural influences from Austria, Hungary and Germany.
  • Francine Segan

    Francine Segan, noted food historian & cookbook author, nominated for the James Beard and IACD awards, shares recipes from her cookbook “Dolci: Italy’s Sweets” and her new cookbook, "Pasta Modern".
  • Parvaneh Holloway

    Parvaneh Holloway, our colleague and friend, has many wonderful memories of her childhood in Abadan, Iran, over 45 years ago. They bring to mind wonderful images her English mother and her Iranian father, cooking aromatic and delectable meals together.
  • Frank Baldassare

    Frank Baldassare is a leading figure in the gluten-free and allergy-friendly cooking movement. He is the creator and host of the cooking show series The Missing Ingredient®.
  • Pamela Morgan

    Pamela Morgan makes people fall in love with food. Literally. As owner of the innovative Flirting with Flavors, Pamela teaches men and women how to use food to generate romance in unique cooking parties and inspiring cooking classes.
  • Jennifer Clair

    In May 2002, Jennifer Clair founded Home Cooking New York after years of working in the culinary industry. She began her culinary career as the assistant to renowned cookbook author and food historian Joan Nathan.
  • Caitlin Levin

    Indulging in new cuisines and cultures, Caitlin honed her taste for food, beautiful things and design, all of which would become her focus and passion.
  • Brad Goldfarb

    Brad Goldfarb, a.k.a. “The Recipe Grinder,” is a freelance writer and editor with more than 20 years in the magazine business. His credits include serving as Executive Editor at Interview magazine, where he wrote the magazine’s monthly restaurant column, and writing for Men’s Health, Marie Claire, and the Italian Vanity Fair.
  • Jim Feldman

    Jim Feldman is the food sleuth and adventurous home cook who is the creator and director of The Ingredient Finder. Jim has lived, eaten, and explored the world and has an insatiable desire to learn about ingredients and how to use them.
  • Heba Saleh

    Heba Saleh, our friend from MidEATS, is an Egyptian-American who spent her childhood in Bahrain and Egypt, and moved to the States as a teenager. Her love for food has only grown over the years, and she has cooked many Middle Eastern specialties. Heba’s food philosophy is simple: she believes food should be eaten in its most natural and wholesome state.
  • Adam Halberg

    Executive Chef Adam Halberg of the Barcelona Restaurants Group demonstrates how to make a delicious and authentic Chicory Salad with Nail Sardines and Largueta Almonds and Stuffed Piquillo Peppers using our traditional Spanish ingredients.
  • Francis Reynard

    Francis’ background is immense and has been inspired through both his upbringing and his travels all over the world first with his parents and then as a chef.
  • Esther Psarakis

    Few things are as good as homemade cakes, especially a traditional one made by a master baker. Our friend Esther Psarakis knows her way around a Greek kitchen, making wonderful fresh dishes daily at her shop in New Jersey.