Four Hard-To-Find Culinary Holiday Gifts Exclusively from The Ingredient Finder

  • Four Hard-To-Find Culinary Holiday Gifts Exclusively from The Ingredient Finder
By Jim Feldman

Here at The Ingredient Finder, we search the world for the most authentic and best ingredients, giving every home cook a passport to making memorable meals at home. We are proud to announce these exclusive holiday gifts: La Boite a Epice’s Global Flavors Collection, from our Spice Master Lior, chosen as one of Saveur 100′s Best, and noted by The New York Times, Food and Wine and USA Weekend, Spain’s Delicious Essentials Collection, and our just-introduced Austrian Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil. And for dessert, we love La Boite a Epice’s beautifully packaged Human Animal Cookie Collection, a gift-wrapped selection of sweet and savory “biscuits” complete with a piece of art, and the perfect finish to a perfect meal. Each of these gifts is extraordinary for its quality and flavors.

Global Spice Blend Collection

Our Spice Master Lior Sercarz has created a Global Spice Blend Collection for The Ingredient Finder. Travel the world without ever leaving your kitchen. This collection of spice and herb blends will transport you to Marrakesh, Sri Lanka, Spain, France, even Kentucky and seven more magical destinations. Each blend is a perfect balance of flavors to evoke the cuisines of the world. Simply sprinkle some on a salad or grilled chicken, add to sauces, soups, sautés, or any recipe you want. Let your imagination soar.

Austrian Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil

We are proud to announce our newly released Austrian Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil, packed with authentic and stunning flavor. The Wall Street Journal notes that Pumpkin Seed Oil is part of a fast-developing culinary “oil boom”. Only a very small region in Austria produces this authentic pumpkin seed oil. Like true Champagne and Prosciutto from Parma, Styrian Gold Pumpkin Seed Oil is recognized and protected by the European Union’s “Protected Geographical Indication” (PGI) which is on every bottle. Wine lovers will understand how important this is, identical in meaning to “DOC” for Italian wines. For centuries Europeans have known that Pumpkin Seed Oil imparts a unique flavor to both sweet and savory dishes that can be matched, and that true Pumpkin Seed Oil offers a range of health benefits. What was once an Alpine secret is now available to sophisticated cooks here in the USA.

Spain's Delicious Essentials

Our Catalan colleagues have assembled Spain’s Delicious Essentials. Until recently, these magnificent products were only available to chefs. Now we have put them all together in a great gift basket to make them available to home cooks seeking authentic Spanish Flavors. This gorgeous gift extraordinary Essencia Extra Virgin Olive Oil, voted by a consortium of peer producers as the year’s best, Piquillo Peppers wood-fire roasted as they are harvested to maximize the flavor (you’ll love how their packed, like sheets of paper), Spicy Pimenton de la Vera, smokey and giving new meaning to Paprika (you’ll throw that other stuff out), Garnacha Vinegar that enhances flavors rather than drowning them, ready-to-eat Green Olive Tapenade, and the world’s best Almonds from Largueta.

Human Animal Cookie Collection

Ready for dessert? Also from La Boite a Epice, the new “Human Animal” Cookie Collection, an amazing finish to a great holiday meal, with 5 different flavors using nuts, fruits and spices of course, in a beautifully wrapped decorative tin. The biscuits feature flavors from around the world and some even have a savory note to them. The “Human Animal” collection includes includes hazelnuts, dark chocolate, Szechuan pepper, hibiscus, and Marcona almonds. Each seasonal collection is a collaboration with a different artist. Together with the artist, 6 pieces are chosen for the collection. One art piece decorates the biscuit box. Inside each box you will find a print of one of the other 5 pieces as well as a small booklet about the artist. Discover new flavors as well as new artists! A truly original and stunning holiday gift.


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